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MARCH 1, 2016

The December 2015-2016 is off to a great start!

The Center received 132 applications from new admittees to the Maryland Bar in December 2015.  We have matched eligible participants with a mentor based on geography and practice area.  This one-year mentoring term will end on December 31, 2016.


The Center has also been busy preparing and shipping 190 framed certificates to mentees and mentors who completed the December 2014-2015 and June-December 2015 Mentoring Programs!

Anonymous surveys were conducted from both programs, and we would like to share some of those comments:

Mentee comments:

My mentor was absolutely wonderful and it was great to have her support and feedback as I was changing jobs during the term of our mentoring agreement.

I loved it! I got the perfect match!

I appreciated having someone reassure me that I was on the right track.

My mentor helped me instill the confidence that I needed to move forward.

The first year of being a lawyer is similar to the first year of law school and college – it is an enormous transition that will force a person to confront situations and circumstances never faced before. This is especially true if you're in a small firm environment walking into court on your own.

Mentor comments:

I think the program is a useful tool both for mentor and mentee. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with my mentee and I feel more accomplished as a lawyer for having participated. Bring on the next mentee!!!

Excellent program and win/win for both mentor and mentee.

I am always happy to be asked to work with young lawyers and provide any guidance that I can to help make their career more meaningful.

Just keep up the good work, it is a very valuable program.

I think this program is incredibly important to the profession.

from Alan B. Frankle, Esq., Mentor
JULY 8, 2015

Judge Battaglia: I have now met with my second Mentee, and I find myself being even more excited by my participation in the mentoring program!! Thank you for allowing me to participate as a mentor.

I recently received a beautiful plaque recognizing me as a participant in the program. While I appreciate the gesture (and it will look great on my wall), it was completely unnecessary as the satisfaction I received from mentoring, cannot be rewarded by anything tangible.

Again, I thank you for you and the program for allowing me to serve as a mentor.

Best regards, Alan

August 3, 2014 - We completed a very successful Mentoring Program at the Maryland Professionalism Center. Review some of the reflections from mentors and mentees below.

Thank you for developing the Court of Appeals’ Mentoring Program.  My mentor, Jennifer Dill, was truly inspirational in showing me a measured, caring attorney and member of her community.  We discussed challenges in being a female professional and she introduced me to several people in my field of interest; energy policy.  I’m glad I participated in the program and will highly recommend it to future grads.

- Amalia Pleake, Esq. (June 2014)

Although my background as a family law attorney seems to be unlikely to be helpful to an energy policy mentee, it turns out we both benefitted from the pairing.  It certainly stretched me to reach out in areas I’d never ventured and reinforced those skills that are so crucial to building a successful career as a new female lawyer.

I hope that you will continue to turn to me as a resource for new lawyers in the Southern Maryland area.

- Jennifer Dill, Esq. (May 2014)

 I deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve this program.  This is a life enriching opportunity.  I get as much or more from the program than I feel I have given.  Thank you.

- Richard Lurye, Esq. (May 2014)