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FAQS about the Mentoring Program for New Admittees

Who may participate in the Mentoring Program?
To participate, new admittees must:

  • Have successfully passed the Maryland Bar Exam;
  • Be admitted to practice law in Maryland;
  • Register with the Professionalism Center and respond to requests for information;
  • Be committed to practice in the State of Maryland, whether in a public or private position, for the duration of the mentoring term; and
  • Live or work in the State of Maryland.

Am I required to participate in the Mentoring Program?
No. Participation is voluntary. 

Why should I consider participating?
Mentoring provides invaluable assistance in making the transition from law school to legal practice.  As a new admittee, you will face many challenges in your first year of legal practice.  Mentoring links you to an experienced attorney to help you sharpen your skills and provide guidance as you begin your legal career.  Attorneys who have participated in Ohio and Georgia’s programs said their program gave them more practical knowledge about the practice of law and made them better attorneys.  Ninety-two percent of those surveyed in Ohio said they would recommend the program to other new admittees.

How do I sign up for the Mentoring Program?
New admittees who meet the program requirements and wish to participate in the Mentoring Program must complete the New Admittee Application.  The Professionalism Center will host a table at the Bar Admission Ceremony to enable new admittees to register for the program. 

What information is requested in the New Admittee Application?
The New Admittee Application requests your employment information, if any, your profile information, and your mentor preferences.

I am a new admittee who meets the program’s eligibility requirements.  May I participate if I do not yet have a legal position?
Yes. You do not have to hold a legal position to participate.

Who may serve as a mentor in the Mentoring Program?
To be an eligible mentor you must:

  • Be an active member of the Maryland Bar;
  • Possess a minimum of five years of experience;
  • Have read The Ideals of Professionalism and agree to convey by word and deed, the values embodied in the Ideals (The Ideals of Professionalism are contained in the Appendix to the Maryland Rules, immediately following the Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct and were enacted on March 9, 2010, effective July 1, 2010.);
  • Not be employed by the same employer as the mentee; and
  • Have a legal record free of any disciplinary sanctions.

Why should I consider being a mentor?
Through mentoring, you give back to the legal community by assisting new admittees entering the profession.  Many mentors from Ohio and Georgia’s pilot program found the experience to be quite rewarding as they appreciated the opportunity to re-examine how they practice law and pass on their best advice to new admittees.  For many, mentoring also fostered a renewed sense of purpose in their work. 

How do I volunteer to be a mentor?
To volunteer to mentor, a Mentor Application must be completed and submitted to the Center.  The Mentor Application can be downloaded at

May I mentor a new admittee inside of my firm?
No.  We are only matching mentors with mentees outside of their firm or place of employment.

If I serve as a mentor multiple times, must I attend the mentor orientation program every time I participate?
No. As a mentor, you must participate in the mentor orientation only before you begin your first mentoring term. However, if you choose to participate in the program multiple times, you will need to review the orientation materials sent to you at the start of each mentoring term.  You will also be contacted regarding the orientation time, however, you do not have to participate.  It is important to be familiar with the most up-to-date mentoring materials and be aware of any changes to the program.

Faqs about the Mentoring Relationship

What is the objective of the Mentoring Program?
The purpose of the Mentoring Program for New Admittees is to elevate the competence, professionalism and success of Maryland attorneys by creating positive mentoring relationships. Specifically, the mentoring relationship should foster the development of the new admittee’s practical skills and increase his or her knowledge of legal customs; contribute to a sense of integrity in the legal profession; promote collegial relationships among legal professionals and involvement in the organized bar; improve legal ability and professional judgment; and encourage the use of best practices and highest ideals in the practice of law.  Mentoring works on several different levels to foster the development of a new admittee’s career while creating a sense of pride and purpose in the mentor.

Is there any cost to participate?
No.  There is no cost for new admittees or mentors to participate.

How often are the new admittee and mentor required to meet?
The mentor and new admittee are required to engage in six in-person meetings during the mentoring term.  Mentors and new admittees are free to meet more frequently if they so choose.

What are new admittees and mentors required to accomplish over the course of the mentoring term?
The mentor and new admittees will be required to engage in a minimum of six in-person meetings over the course of the mentoring term, during which they will be required to engage in various professional activities.  A list of activities to be selected from is provided on the Mentoring Agreement form.

What is the Mentoring Agreement?
The Mentoring Agreement is an agreement that defines the parameters of the mentoring relationship. The Mentoring Agreement must be signed by the mentor and new admittee at their first meeting and submitted with their Mentoring Plan at the start of the mentoring term.

Am I required to submit any documentation during the course of the mentoring term?
Yes. The completed Mentoring Agreement, Mentoring Survey, and Certificate of Satisfactory Completion must all be completed by both the new admittee and mentor during the course of the mentoring term.

Who will administer the Mentoring Program?
The Maryland Professionalism Center will administer the program.  Please contact the Center with any questions about the program at (410) 260-3762 or