• Mentoring


    The Court of Appeals' Mentoring Program matches newly admitted attorneys with experienced practitioners based on practice area interests and geography.  Six in person meetings are requireed during the course of the mentor year for success in the program.
  • Professionalism Course

    Professionalism Course

    The Maryland Professionalism Center conducts the Newly Admitted Professionalism Course twice per year for the candidates who have passed the Maryland Bar Exam.  Instructors for the course are comprised of Judges, Masters and practicing attorneys.
  • Judicial Training

    Judicial Training

    The training provides judges and other courthouse personnel with curricula that outlines and promotes the ideals of professionalism, identifies the barriers to professionalism, and proffers solutions to address those barriers.
  • Symposium


    Provides an educational forum for attorneys to discuss topics of professionalism that arise locally and nationwide.  The Maryland Professionalism Center is partnering with the Maryland State Bar Association in developing the symposium.
  • Transition from Law

    Transition from Law

    The Maryland Professionalism Center seeks to determine factors that have been identified in this State and nationally as contributing to issues affecting attorneys who are transitioning from legal practice.
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The Maryland Professionalism Center serves as the hub of professionalism efforts in Maryland.  Created by the Court of Appeals, the Center’s mission is to support and encourage members of the Judiciary to exhibit the highest levels of professionalism and to support and encourage lawyers to exercise the highest levels of professional integrity in their relationships with their clients, other lawyers, the courts, and the public to fulfill their obligations to improve the law and the legal system. 

Through the work of the executive director, board of directors and its subcommittees, and oversight from the Court of Appeals, the Center continues to develop initiatives that promote civility among attorneys and enhances the public’s trust in the legal community.  Some initiatives include assisting attorneys with the transition out of the practice of law, mentoring new attorneys, and developing a professionalism course for experienced attorneys as well as a course for judges and other judicial officers.  The Center continues to conduct a course for newly admitted attorneys twice per year. 

Upcoming Events

Latest News

  • Maryland Professionalism Center Welcomes New Executive Director Jul 18, 2014


    The Maryland Professionalism Center welcomes E. Regine Francois as the new Executive Director. At the Center, Regine will be working with newly admitted attorneys on mentoring opportunities, developing professionalism course curricula for attorneys and judges, and other initiatives that promote civility in the legal field. Regine received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2006 and a B.A. undergraduate degree from American UniversityRead More >>

  • Save the Date: October 31, 2014 Maryland Law 20/20: a vision Jun 07, 2014

    The focus of Maryland Law 20/20: a vision will be a provocative conversation about the future of the practice of law in Maryland and will be an opportunity to celebrate professionalism efforts in the Bar. The symposium will host several speakers presenting thought-provoking insights to enrich individual careers as well as the overall legal profession in Maryland.


Past Events

  • Maryland Law 20/20: a vision October 31, 2014 9:00 am - 2:00 PM

    Join Judges and Lawyers in a conversation about what the practice of law should and could look like....